Revolutionize ​your Pedigre​​​e Management with AviRings Pedigree app!

Are you a passionate racing pigeon enthusiast eagerly awaiting the ultimate pedigree management solution? Your search ends here! AviRings is launching a revolutionary app for pedigree management soon, and you can be among the first to experience its benefits.

AviRings Pedigree App: Why Choose Us? 

AviRings Pedigree App is not just an app; it's a game-changer for pigeon breeders. Say hello to an efficient, user-friendly solution.

Cloud Based

Our racing pigeon pedigree app is seamlessly integrated with cloud technology, allowing you to store and access your pigeon pedigrees securely in the cloud.

Import the data from other Pedigree Softwares

Our app enables you to import pedigrees from other Pedigree Softwares and use existing pedigrees in database.  

This saves you the effort of manually re-entering information, ensuring a smooth transition to digital pedigree management.

Public database

Gain access to a vast public database of racing pigeon pedigrees and share your pedigrees publicly.  

Save Time & Paperwork Hassle

Say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork and manual record-keeping.

Our app streamlines the pedigree management process, automating many tasks and reducing the risk of errors

You'll save valuable time, allowing you to focus on what matters most - the health, performance, and breeding success of your racing pigeons.


Comprehensive Pedigree Management  

Effortlessly create, organize, graphicaly edit and maintain pedigrees for your racing pigeons. Visualize ancestral lineage, pedigrees, and breeding histories with precision.  

Data At Your Fingertips  

Gain immediate access to essential information about your pigeons' pedigrees, making well-informed breeding decisions a breeze. 

Seamlessly connect your pigeons' pedigree information with their race performance records for a holistic view of your pigeon's lineage and racing achievements.


Community Collaboration

Join a passionate community of racing pigeon enthusiasts and gain valuable insights to enhance your pigeon breeding.  

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